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Tips For Finding The Best 3D Product Configurator

Innovative product display strategies are becoming more and more common in the fiercely competitive ecommerce industry. It’s a fantastic method to finish the job. Instead of having to make an educated guess as to what the final product will look like, customers can develop their items and receive real-time, realistic pictures. The 3d product configurator is a ground-breaking tool that transforms the way businesses offer products online. Everything you need to know about 3D product configurators will be covered in this post. It contains information on how to choose one and what qualities to look for.

What Is A 3D Product Configurator?

A product configurator allows customers to personalize or modify a product via a website interface. If you have ever used an online shopping platform, you will know what one is. You can choose from a variety of colors, textures, and even input text to display the product. Some product configurators can be either flat or two-dimensional. These are simply images that can change depending on the options you select. Advanced configurators create three-dimensional renderings that can be customized to reflect the features of the product.

The 3D product configurator makes it easier to visualize the final product. They also increase add-to-carts and buy rates. Advanced 3D visual configuration tools will offer many outstanding features, including the ability:

  • Be sure to rotate the product in all directions.
  • Zoom in on different product features.
  • Photorealistic 3D representations are better than expensive 2D photos.
  • Display the user’s selections on the 3D model in real-time
  • Eliminate any doubts about the final product’s appearance.

What 3D Product Configurator Do You Need?

A good product configurator is essential if you want to capitalize on the competitive advantages of personalization and customization of your products. A 3D product configurator can help you create a seamless and memorable buying experience. However, not all product configurators are created equal and not all companies require the same features. There are three types of product configurators. They will all be available in 2D or 3D versions.

Individual Preferences Can Be Accommodated By Configurators

These are often simpler and more intuitive, though they can be very complex. You will provide the options, and your customer can choose which ones are valid. These options are available for your customer to choose from. Configurators that are focused on customization will be a benefit to most firms that offer color, texture, and pattern options.

Personalization Is A Key Focus For Configurators

Configurators with a higher level of power can deal with content generated by users. It is possible to add text, photographs, and various other particulars. These particulars can be discovered on a variety of items, including apparel, accessories, and even house decor.

Parametric Configurators

These are an example of the parametric configurator if that is the term you are familiar with. Users can input parameters, such as their dimensions for apparel, using these configurators. You can get these from websites that specialize in custom-made goods and apparel.

What Every 3d Product Design Designer Needs?

All good 3D product configurators share a few common features. Double-check the following information before you sign up.

  1. Visualization Of 3D Photorealistic Products

It is well-known that product visualization can increase conversion rates by as much as 50%. While many configurators will show modified goods using images, others may use 3D technology. These can be inspected to determine how accurate they are. Your buyers will trust the final product if it is more realistic.

  1. Complex Business Rules

While customization is nice, it can quickly spiral out of control when clients request combinations that may not be possible or even feasible. The solution is to be able to create rule-based combinations. If you know what combinations are feasible ahead of time, it will not only increase sales but also prevent any future problems.

  1. Pricing Changes Over Time

Your customers will love the customization options and customization options you offer. This is a great way to increase sales and profits. Dynamic pricing is a great option to streamline the process.


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