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How to organize a storage area like a professional

You need somewhere to store your belongings. Rent a self-storage unit at a climate-controlled storage facility close to you. These units are a great solution for those who need temporary or long-term storage before, during, and after a move. Make sure you pack, plan, and organize your storage unit so you don't lose sight of what you have. 

What good is a storage space if it's not easy to find what you need? Hint: Not very good. We can help you organize your storage unit if you are unsure. Looking for secure storage units, it’s not all about the price, but Houston Self Storage offers storage specials at huge savings.

These simple organizing tips and packing hacks can help maximize your unit's space while making storage more efficient. These are seven essential tips to organize a storage unit like an expert

How to organize your storage unit like a professional

Make a list of all inventories

It can be difficult, if not impossible, to store a lot of things. It can be difficult to keep track of all the items. Large furniture pieces like a sofa or bed are easy to recall, but smaller items such as artwork, photos, and electronics can be forgotten after months or even years of storage. You will need to keep track of everything in your unit. We recommend that you keep track of each item as you pack. It's a great way of keeping track of what's in your storage area by taking photos. All photos and inventory descriptions should be saved in one place. A map is a great idea that will show where your belongings are within the unit.

You might consider storing your items in clear bins

We are not denying that cardboard boxes can be used in storage units. They are also less expensive than plastic bins. Plastic bins are easier to track what's in your storage unit. They are usually worth the extra money. Clear plastic bins allow you to see inside the container, without digging through it like opaque cardboard boxes. Clear plastic bins make it easy and quick to find what you need, unlike opaque cardboard boxes.

Take apart furniture and place it upright

Large furniture pieces should be disassembled before being stored to maximize space and organization. This includes disassembling table’s legs and bed frames, as well as taking apart headboards and mattress frames. Individual items should be stored vertically towards the back of a storage container (except mattresses which should be kept flat). You'll have more space to store furniture like headboards upright and sideways. Tip: If your dining table is not easily disassembled, you can use it as additional shelving in the storage unit for the stacked box.

Keep heavy, large items at the bottom of the drawer towards the back

Start by packing heavy items, such as furniture, into the storage unit. You should place them at the bottom of the storage unit. Keep in mind that heavy items must always be placed on the bottom of your storage unit unless you plan to crush smaller or lighter boxes. This provides a stable platform for lighter items.

Position items that you use more often towards the front

There are likely to be some items that you use more often than others. You might not use that extra bed because you don't have enough space, but your baby's backpack 'n' play will. Seasonal clothing like heavy coats, boots, and flip flops are also items you will need frequently. These items won't be needed every day but you will need to make trips to your storage unit at least once per year to retrieve them. These belongings should go in bins or boxes labeled and placed at the front of your storage unit. It will be easier to find them near the door than to search through boxes and bins every time you visit the storage unit.

Always go vertical

Remember to pack and organize your storage unit vertically. You should stack boxes high, and furniture upright. You can use the extra storage space to store bookcases and other shelving items. You can also add wire shelving to your storage unit or hang shelves. This will make it easier to store smaller boxes and other belongings. You might consider keeping a step stool or ladder inside the storage unit if it is very high.

Label, label

It is vital to label each box and every bin in a storage unit. Although you may believe you will remember where your family photos albums are, we can assure you that you won't. Particularly if the albums have been in storage for a while. You can label each box with either permanent markers or printed labels. Label every box clearly with a permanent marker or printed labels.

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