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Ideas for Creating Custom Logo Floor Mats

Are you looking for personalized branded floor mats for your company? Make the most of your investment by choosing the perfect mat design! We'll be right back with some helpful hints for designing your logo mat.

Design Guidelines for Custom Logo Floor Mats

It should never be too difficult to design your logo mat. And having these three fundamental goals in mind will help you get the correct look for your logo mat design:

– It must be easily observable. Making your mats obvious requires more than just placement; make sure the image is large, clear, and clean enough to be noticed.

– It must convey the 'correct' message. – The message you convey on your custom logo floor mat design must be consistent with your brand. It has to be attractive. It must be visually appealing, with the proper color scheme, font selection, image quality, and print quality.

Here are a few pointers to help you create the perfect mat design:

1. Maintaining consistency is essential.

When it comes to designing your custom logo floor mats, consistency is key, just like it is with any branding and marketing effort. Keep the same logo, color scheme, and design elements, for example, to reinforce your existing brand image (building signage, letterheads, business cards, and interiors). Your logo mat should blend in with the rest of your brand's aesthetic rather than stand out like a sore thumb.

2. Maintain a clutter-free environment.

A 'busy' mat design should be avoided. Too much clutter diverts the viewer's attention away from your brand, which is counterproductive to your goal of maximizing visual impact. This does not, however, imply that you should keep everything the same. Finding one image to focus on – whether it's a welcome message, your brand name, or your logo – is one trick to creating a clutter-free logo mat design. Everything else should simply serve to accentuate the main design.

3. Determine the most advantageous orientation.

The decision to print vertically (portrait orientation) or horizontally (landscape orientation) is largely based on the design you want to achieve as well as the amount of space you have available for the logo mat. Logo mats in wide entryways should almost always be printed horizontally, whereas those leading to a hallway might be better suited to portrait orientation.

4. Colors that contrast draws the eye.

When designing your logo mats, use complementary colors. Colors in the same family tend to blend, whereas colors that are too bright clash and appear cluttered.

5. Keep an eye out for quality.

Having a good design for your logo mats isn't enough. Its outcome is determined by the mat's quality and how well it was printed. Choose the right logo mat rental company to get the most out of our design and get the best of both worlds.

Carpet Rentals provides high-quality custom logo floor mats and prints.

Ultimate mats, the #1 choice in commercial floor mat services in the Carolinas, can provide you with the best custom logo rugs! We combine excellent, NFSI-compliant products with cutting-edge printing technology. We also have experts on staff to ensure that you receive high-quality designs that will help you project the best image possible for your company.

To learn more about what Carpet Rentals can do for you and your company, contact us today! To get started on your logo mats, call 1-800-346-6287.

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