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What is cbd and how does it work? All you need information about cannabidiols

The cannabis plant has been considered a medical powerhouse because of its medicinal properties. Despite being somewhat overlooked by modern medicine, recent years have seen a renewed interest in the plant’s therapeutic potential.

The many compounds found in hemp are what make it a popular natural remedy.

There has been extensive research over the past several years on the health benefits of cbd. And, the use of cbd products has increased at an alarming rate. One 2018 study found that around 1.6,000,000 people were using cbd products in France. And the number keeps increasing.

What is cbd, you ask? Our comprehensive beginners guide to cbd is here. We’ll tell you everything about it, including where it came and what it can be used for.

What to look at when looking for cbd products?

Cbd interacts with the end crinoid system, a complex network of cells-signaling that runs throughout the body. This system regulates many important functions like sleep, moods, appetite, memory, and helps to maintain equilibrium within the body.

Also, cbd taken with THC can cause THC to be blocked from binding to cbd-receptors in the brain. This can lead to a ‘high. Cbd can also counteract THC intoxicating properties.

Is cbd oil made out of marijuana?

We have now looked at the history behind cbd. Now let’s look at some common questions around this cannabinoid.

Hemp and marijuana are both variants of the cannabis tree. Although technically they are one and the same species (hemp and marijuana), their chemical properties are vastly different.

Hemp can be described as the non-intoxicating form cannabis. It is widely used for industrial and agricultural purposes. It is high in cbd but contains little to no THC.

How long does cbd stay within your body?

Cbd’s effects will be most apparent for between 2-6 hours. However it can remain in your system for three to five working days. The timeframe is also known as cbd’s half-life. It depends on numerous factors.

How to take cbd oil?

Edible cbd products are known to last longer since they slowly release cbd throughout the system. However, topical gélules cbd remain active for a shorter time due to their interaction with cannabinoid-receptors in the skin and not within the body. Cbd’s half-life is extended by using it with fats and taking higher doses.

What’s the difference of hemp oil and cbd oil?

It is common to use the terms “cbd oil” and “hemp oil” interchangeably. But, one thing is important: the source of their extraction.

Cbd oil can be derived from hemp. It is however a broad term that describes any oil containing cbd. Cbd oils may also be obtained by other strains of the cannabis plant. These oils contain a higher amount of THC.

The other is hemp oil which is an extract from hemp with high cbd levels and trace amounts THC. It can come from different parts of hemp, including the stalks, flowers, and stems. It can also be used for making oils and other tinctures.

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