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Pantone Colors of the Year 2022

Very Peri has been named Pantone’s Year Color of the Year . Very Peri PANTONE17-38338 is a blend between the “trusted beloved blue color group” and a violet undertone. It is meant to evoke the “spritely-joyful attitude and dynamic presence” necessary for this new world of unimaginable change.

It would be hard to find someone who could not use this information right now. All the best for January 2022, and all the joy and trust you need!


Pantone’s Color of the Year choices have been controversial for me. I’m now a happy camper this year. There aren’t many periwinkles available on the runway. Our clients who love periwinkle, especially in the very peri shades, are encouraged to grab it when they spot it. Although periwinkle is not a real trend, retailers are now selling multiple shades in blue and violet to capitalize. You purple-loving friends, now is the time!


If you are a true fan of periwinkles, then you should buy a pair Very Peri sneakers, made by Cariuma. These are the ultimate skater style sneaker and they’re super comfortable. Although periwinkle has never been a shade I’ve worn much of, this year is the time to give it a try! I’m also a fan of the wearable VeryPeri cotton crepe blouse made by Xirena.


Are you an adventurous wearer of makeup? I don’t think I’d wear Glassier’s pool skywash eyeshade despite its stunning shade. I’d wear the OPI nail Polish in Periwinkle Shimmer all season! What say you?


The last item is that I am inclined to buy all of the following items for the RLS. No, seriously. I’ll take all of it!

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